Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wet N Wild Lipsticks Rule!!!

I've been meaning to post about this one for a while.  Unfortunately, I've been busy doing pretty much everything except for working on my blog.  BUT I'm back and the world needs to know about these lipsticks.  They are one of the best formulas I have in my collection.  They are smooth, VERY pigmented and once you apply them, they last for hours.  The only thing I would recommend before applying is some lip balm.  The ones I have run on the matte side so a little bit of extra moisture never hurts.  The color I'm wearing the pic below is 907C and I looooove it.  It's a beautiful, dusty pink that I think would compliment a lot of different skin tones.  So go ahead, try them out.  They are cheap AND awesome.  You should buy me some too.  :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

GREAT MASK! Indian Healing Clay Mask

I love love LOVE to share great items that I discover with as many people as possible so I absolutely have got to share this one.  This is a clay mask that is DIVINE!!!  After I use it, my skin feels so smooth and clear and it looks so healthy and youthful.  You can get it on Amazon for about $10 with free shipping.  So it's pretty easy on the wallet too.  It comes in a HUGE tub so once you buy it, it should last you for quite a while.  

This mask is perfect for people with oily skin/combo skin who are prone to break outs.  If you have dry skin, you might want to proceed with caution on this one, as this can have a drying affect.  You can almost feel it sucking out the toxins and oil.  Dryer skin types might not like that very much.

The only other ingredient you will need with this is Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.  I usually mix equal parts of the clay and vinegar (tablespoon of each) at first and then eyeball it from there.  You want the consistency to be pretty thick and goopy.  

Shortly after you put it on, it might begin to feel like it's sucking the life out of your skin.  Your skin almost feels like it's throbbing.  It's a good throb, though.  It doesn't hurt at all.  The only thing that's get a little uncomfortable is when the thick mask starts to dry.  It makes moving your face a little difficult.  BUT DON'T WORRY!!  I'm telling you!  It's worth it!!!  

The directions say to leave on for about 20 minutes. When it's time to remove it, I usually take it off in the shower simply because it can be a little difficult to take off.  So standing directly under a stream of water makes it easier. 

Get out of the shower,  towel off, 


So that's it for now.  Let me know if you've tried it or have any questions.  I would be happy to help.  :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hi Everybody!  Happy Thursday.  I just thought I'd share this tutorial that my daughter, Amaya,  made about a year ago.  It's really silly and some parts are so cute and funny.  She has watched SO MANY tutorials with me!  You might notice that she's actually picked up few mannerisms from some of the beauty gurus.  

I hope you enjoy!  

Friday, August 23, 2013


Hey Guys!

So I got a good one for ya.  Getting a good fake tan has been something that I have been trying to achieve for a while now.  I used to go to beds, get really super tan and be sooo dark and beautiful all summer long. 

Well, a couple years ago, I decided that it is just not very good for my skin so I vowed to stop.  Since then, I have tried several products.  I've done creams, sprays, tan towels, lotions. Everything I tried was okay. Not that great, but better than being milky white.  I generally don't like the color of them, the smell, and especially the way they fade and streak.  

But behold!!!...

I just found something GREAT! This stuff...

I love this stuff.  It's cheap!  The color is totally natural!! It fades wonderfully. And did I mention that it's cheap.  Very cheap.  Especially considering how expensive other tanning creams can get.  I bought my bottle on Amazon.  I paid about $6.50 plus the applicator mitt.  All together, with shipping, I spent about $12.

It seems like this bottle will last awhile too.  So far, I've done about 6 applications and I have about three quarters of the bottle left.  

It comes in a mousse form and you just pump one or two pumps onto your mitt and apply in (no need to rub in) a circular motion onto your skin.  It does have a tint to it so it's pretty easy to see where you have applied it.  The tinted formula is also nice because it does give you immediate results.  I usually let is dry a few minutes and then get dressed. The color will continue to develop over the next few hours.  It seems to take about 5-6 hours for the full color to show.  Let me tell you, the color is OUTSTANDING.  It is easily the most natural looking color in a tanner that I have ever used.  It's a beautiful brown color, not orange at all.  

As far as streaking goes, I've had none of that and the color usually lasts about 5 days but if you want to stay super tan, you might want to re-apply every few days.  When it does start to fade, it fades very nicely.  I haven't noticed any blotchy spots at all.  

One warning I do have is that it will rub off on your clothes and sheets.  I try to avoid wearing white the first day.  I also have noticed that the color does come out in the wash.  So that's good.  

I did have an issue with shipping this product.  The first attempt resulted in an empty package and the 2nd attempt resulted in the refunding my money because it took so long to deliver.  So there was that issue, but other than that, I have been so happy with the product. I think I may try Ebay next time.  I have definitely seen it on other sites.  If you don't feel comfortable ordering from Amazon, just Google it and see what you come up with. 

Here are some pics below just to show the affect.  The camera didn't pick up the color very well but it does look a little different. Sorry that I look naked.  I promise that I'm not. 

So that's it!  I hope you try it and like it!  Let me know what you think if you do!  

Friday, July 26, 2013


Hey Everybody!  I decided to make my next post about my favorite ELF (eyeslipsface) products because they really do have some great stuff and it's all at a really awesome price.  You can find  a lot of their stuff at Target but if you can't find it there, you can always get it online.

Also, the cool thing about buying online is that a lot of times they have pretty good sales.  The only downside is that you have to pay shipping.  I really hate to pay for shipping but sometimes you just have to get over it I guess.

 Keep in mind that this is the stuff that I actually have and have tried, so I can honestly say that it works and it's great. I know that there are a million other things that they have that's also great.  My current wishlist for them is pretty long so don't be afraid to try other things that catch your eye and let me know about it too!

Okay so I'm just going to jump right into it....


They have a lot of really good ones.  Seriously, check out everything and pick up whatever you think you could use because they are all great.  They are all super soft and have minimal shedding.  But there are a few that really stand out for me and life wouldn't be the same without them.  Here they are...

This brush is great for stippling foundation.  It's really good at achieving that airbrushed look for flawless looking skin.  I use this all the time to stipple on my under eye concealer.  I like the really light touch of it versus using my fingers.  $3

In my opinion, this one is more useful than the full size version.   Simply because this size is a little harder to find in low cost  brushes AND it's just great.  I LOVE to use it for blush and ESPECIALLY cream blushes.  If you use cream blushes, this is a must have!!!  It's also great to use for highlighter because it gives a really light application so you don't end up looking like a freaky looking grease ball.  Do you have that problem sometimes??  I have that problem sometimes.  $3

To me, this is the BEST size for applying blush. (just like the small stippling brush)  It's pretty small and I love the fact that it tapers at the end. In my opinion, most blush brushes are just too big.  This is also a great brush for contouring.  The tapered end and size really helps to get into the perfect spot in the hollow of your cheek. $3

This is just a basic face brush.  Perfect for applying powder or a light dusting of bronzer.  It's big and fluffy and soft.  You can't beat it.  $3 

This brush can be used to contour your eyeshadow by helping you concentrate the color into the crease of your eye.  I actually like this for blending out the eyeshadow a bit once you're done applying color to your eye lid.  It's soft but dense so it blends well without messing up the mini masterpiece that you've created on your lids.  $3 

Just a plain ole' eyeshadow brush but it works great at laying down a wash of color.  It gets the job done and it's just a dollar so I'm a pretty big fan.  


This is a great everyday lipstick.  I would describe it as a bright, cool toned dusty pink and I love it. It's not too over the top but at the same time, it's not a boring nude.  One of the greatest things about this lipstick is the formula.  It's matte but not totally drying like some matte lipsticks can be. The lasting power is also quite good.  Here are some pics below.  I wanted to try to give you an idea of the color.  Website shots can be so deceiving.  All of their lipsticks in this formula are one dollar but keep in mind that they are not created equal!  Some are not as good as others but they're only a dollar so it's not a big deal if you try it and it ends up sucking.  Just don't try to come and beat me up about it.  I warned you. :)

This stuff is THE BEST!!!  It's kind of like St Ive's Apricot Scrub shoved in a tube and made for your lips.  I use it every morning and it keeps my lips soft and smooth.  I also used to have a big problem with lipstick transferring on to my teeth but it's stopped since I started using this.  I'll take it!!!  It also tastes really good. This puppy is only three bucks. 
This is one of their more expensive products at $6 (whoah! blow me down!!) but it is totally worth it. It's an exact dupe for more expensive versions of HD powder.  Basically it's job is to just smooth everything out and make your skin look even more perfect.  It works.  Just be careful.  Since it's white, make sure you use a light hand.  A little goes a long way.  Also, the puff it comes with is great too. You can totally just use that to apply this stuff.   

This is a beautiful bronzer if you have fair skin.  It's light and a little shiny and gorgeous.  Since it is shimmery, you wouldn't want to use this for contouring but it's really great for an all over glow.  I also like how it has the different color quadrants.  You can use that lighter color as a highlighter and any of them as an eyeshadow.  It's pretty great.  I added some pics below so you can see what the actual product looks like and how it transfers to the skin. Keep in mind that those are extremely heavy swatches and my camera still didn't do them justice. This is $3

I'm kind of like a lightly bronzed goddess when I wear this.  Brutiful.  Just brutiful.

First of all, all of these blushes are great so if you are in the market for blush, you might as well pick up whatever color sings to you.  However, this is the one I have and I love it!  It's bright and beautiful and lasts a loooong time.  It's very pigmented, so again, use a light hand.  But it really gives you a beautiful pink glow. So try this one and all the other ones too.  Actually, will you just buy me some too?  Thanks!  

Oh and the compact on these are really cute!  They remind me of the Nars compacts and they have a really cute little mirror in them.  They are $3 each. 

Look at that beautiful glow!  ha ha! 

So that's it for now!  Hope you found this insightful! TTYL!

Friday, July 19, 2013


Just wanted to share this one with you. It's been in my drawer for awhile but I pulled it out today and fell in love all over again. It's the NYX Soft Matte Lip cream. The color I have is in Antwerp. It's a pink color with a hint of coral. Perfect for summer!

The formula is nice because you can barely feel it on your lips but at the same time has a really great color pay off. It has pretty great staying power too!  Another bonus is that it's better than most matte lipsticks in the way  that it doesn't make your lips look dry and cracked. So thats a really great feature. 

You can get these online or at ulta. They retail for under $5!! You can't beat that!!