Friday, August 23, 2013


Hey Guys!

So I got a good one for ya.  Getting a good fake tan has been something that I have been trying to achieve for a while now.  I used to go to beds, get really super tan and be sooo dark and beautiful all summer long. 

Well, a couple years ago, I decided that it is just not very good for my skin so I vowed to stop.  Since then, I have tried several products.  I've done creams, sprays, tan towels, lotions. Everything I tried was okay. Not that great, but better than being milky white.  I generally don't like the color of them, the smell, and especially the way they fade and streak.  

But behold!!!...

I just found something GREAT! This stuff...

I love this stuff.  It's cheap!  The color is totally natural!! It fades wonderfully. And did I mention that it's cheap.  Very cheap.  Especially considering how expensive other tanning creams can get.  I bought my bottle on Amazon.  I paid about $6.50 plus the applicator mitt.  All together, with shipping, I spent about $12.

It seems like this bottle will last awhile too.  So far, I've done about 6 applications and I have about three quarters of the bottle left.  

It comes in a mousse form and you just pump one or two pumps onto your mitt and apply in (no need to rub in) a circular motion onto your skin.  It does have a tint to it so it's pretty easy to see where you have applied it.  The tinted formula is also nice because it does give you immediate results.  I usually let is dry a few minutes and then get dressed. The color will continue to develop over the next few hours.  It seems to take about 5-6 hours for the full color to show.  Let me tell you, the color is OUTSTANDING.  It is easily the most natural looking color in a tanner that I have ever used.  It's a beautiful brown color, not orange at all.  

As far as streaking goes, I've had none of that and the color usually lasts about 5 days but if you want to stay super tan, you might want to re-apply every few days.  When it does start to fade, it fades very nicely.  I haven't noticed any blotchy spots at all.  

One warning I do have is that it will rub off on your clothes and sheets.  I try to avoid wearing white the first day.  I also have noticed that the color does come out in the wash.  So that's good.  

I did have an issue with shipping this product.  The first attempt resulted in an empty package and the 2nd attempt resulted in the refunding my money because it took so long to deliver.  So there was that issue, but other than that, I have been so happy with the product. I think I may try Ebay next time.  I have definitely seen it on other sites.  If you don't feel comfortable ordering from Amazon, just Google it and see what you come up with. 

Here are some pics below just to show the affect.  The camera didn't pick up the color very well but it does look a little different. Sorry that I look naked.  I promise that I'm not. 

So that's it!  I hope you try it and like it!  Let me know what you think if you do!